Where (What) Is Your God?

I have it figured out…maybe,at least for today. In the beginning we (mankind) assigned to god the mysteries of life and the cause of bad happenings in the world around us. The bad: earthquakes, floods, droughts, tornados. Let us offer to the gods things that we value to please him so the bad will go away. Seems reasonable doesn’t it? OK line up the livestock. We value our animals so the gods will appreciate our willingness to kill them on an alter as a peace offering. Bad things still happen. Line up our next most valuable item…our virgins. Of course virgins. This is a mans world. Bad things still happen. We know. Let’s offer our next most valuable things…our children. Yes, some ancient cultures sacrificed children. How ignorant! But we must remember, they thought the earth was flat and held up on pillars. As the years went by and experience told mankind that sacrificing did not work, they conjured up a god that came to earth and voluntarily offered himself, as the final sacrifice….final to save us from our sins. As a reward for good behavior, the guarantee of eternal life after death. Let us bring paradise and earthly life together through love and kindness. Sounds good. Did not work and is not working. So in this age of science and empiricism…when we think we are close to knowing it all…what is the fate of our god story? What is your concept of god? Is he still Person-like who can answer prayers or, at the other end of the spectrum, an energy particle that obeys the laws of nature and answers to no pleas? We are running out of mysteries to assign to god. Scientists, those involved with the Hedron electron collider in Switzerland, predict that by the end of 2012 they will have a description of the god particle. They don’t call it the god particle. They don’t like that term. We call it the god particle because we want a god answer. They call it the basic building block of all matter in the universe. If that turns out not to be true don’t fret. The truth will be known someday. Then what do we do with god. Is god an energy particle? A basic building block of all matter? I would suggest that in your own personal quest for the truth, inquire into quantum physics and the wave-particle paradox. Holy smokes! Are you kidding? This is way beyond the intellect of Joe The Plumber or even The Pope. But alas again don’t fret. Once quantum physics, at its deepest level,is taught in high schools, as it will be, with the same matter of factness and proof that taught a round earth, the average Joe and Jane will have to look beyond the current institutional church for godly instruction. Where? The brain. Our mind. Our consciousness….from where all reality flows. At least what we think is real. If there is a mystery, we synthesize an answer to deal with it. We live with the answer until truth destroys it. Then we offer up a replacement. We is running out of replacements folks, at least those of us who are reasonable and amendable to change. I know there is a god but probably not the way you think of him. Like the man said: ”My dear friend, My god dwells within me”. Kafir My god is a product of my self-awareness. This life I live, this life I am aware of I attribute to my god consciousness. This awareness has nothing to do with religion. Nothing to do with scriptural-type holiness…simply awareness. A god? Maybe not on your terms. I don’t know what else to call it only that it was a profound awakening when it gradually came over me. My savior, my cause? Like the man said: exploding stars that spewed out the periodic table, then gathered to form our earth and caused me to be…so that I could become aware of my god within. Thank your stars. I have been searching the literature for months to help explain my god awareness. One of the biggest helps was The book ”From Science To God” by Peter Russell. I was right. My God dwells within me. Can not be shaken. Can not hide from. To be thanked and never to shame with sin. Now you know my theology because you know my God.



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